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We're a welcoming church located near Mertztown, Topton, Breinigsville, Trexlertown, Alburtis, Fleetwood and Macungie. We serve the Greater Lehigh Valley!

January Meditation

"Wherever You Are On Life's Journey"

Rev. Dr. K. E. Brearley

One time I read a diet, maybe in Prevention Magazine, called "Change One". The idea was that a person committed to changing just one meal a day, or maybe just one thing about their lifestyle. So often on January 1st we commit to changing loads of things - new diet, more exercise, better contacts with friends, read several books, travel, keep house tidy, get out of debt, start a college course, grow a herb garden, write book, research ancestry. Heck, that is just January 2020!! By January 31st we feel disappointed in ourselves. We feel a failure.

In our church you are welcome wherever you are on life's journey. If you've made a New Year's commitment to spiritual growth, why not set a goal to "Change One"? Change just one thing, and keep doing it until it becomes a habit - research says it takes 3 months to create a new habit.


Read one Gospel. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest. Get a free Bible App such as BibleGateway.com. Choose a translation that is easy to read, such as The Good News Bible, the Message or The Living Bible.

Pray one prayer each week. Either write your own prayer or find one you like on the internet.

Look at one piece of religious art each week. Go to an art museum or use the internet or stop by a local church when it is open.

Attend one worship service a month. Choose a church or worship center that is convenient to seems attractive to you. Check out the worship time. When you attend sit quietly at the back so you can see what other worshipers do and follow their cue. If you feel uncomfortable you can leave quickly & quietly.

Spend 5 minutes each day sitting in silence, maybe looking at nature or the flame of a candle. Just be still in God's presence.

Find a friend who will listen to your spiritual journey. Talk to that friend once a week.

Change one thing. If the Spirit calls you, come to Longswamp Church and feel God's holy presence.


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